Engine Displacement Calculator (advanced)

This calculator will determine the displacement of your engine. It requires 3 inputs: bore, stroke, and # of cylinders. If you know these simply enter them. You may also look up stock engines and then modify the bore and/or stroke to see the effect on displacement.

Displacement Calculator - Advanced Make
inch metric
Stock Modified
Bore in in
Stroke in in
Displacement 0.00 cu-in 0.00 cu-in

Additional detail.....

Stock Modified
Bore Change --- 0 in
Stroke Change --- 0 in
Displacement Change --- 0.00 cu-in
Eng Displacement 0.00 cu-in 0.00 cu-in
0.00 cc 0.00 cc
0.00 liter 0.00 liter
Cyl Displacement nan cu-in nan cu-in
nan cc nan cc
nan liter nan liter
Bore/Stroke Ratio nan nan